Demonstration lesson at «Biotechnology» chair of c.t.s., senior lecturer Zh.K.Nadirova

27.11.2017 at 10.40 in audience 117A for groups ХТ-14-5r1,r2 was conducted demonstration lesson of senior lecturer, candidate of technical sciences Nadirova Zh.K. on discipline «Environmental Biotechnology» on theme  «Использование микроорганизмов –деструкторов углеводородов для очистки сточных вод нефтедобывающих и нефтеперерабатывающих предприятий и почв, загрязненных нефтью»    

"Академик" футбол клубының ардагерлерінеске алу турниры

On November 19, 2017 in sport center of the university the tournament devoted to veterans of football club "Akademik" has been held. "Academician" has been organized in 1979 by group of teachers of construction faculty of KazCTI. For these years players "Académic" was changed, but those who came to club kept love to soccer. There were in structure also losses. And here in the memory of left the five-a-side tournament in which two "Académic" teams - veterans and youth structure and also guests of a tournament – the Shymkala and Nauryz team have participated has been held. Fight has turned out persistent. And as a result, three teams have scored identical quantity of points. And the winner and the team which has taken the third place were divided by a difference in one passed ball...

"A good attitude of student life"

16 November 2017 in the hostel number 6 under the supervision of the senior curator of the department of "Technology of cement, ceramics and glass" of the Higher School of "Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology" Akzhibek  Kulmakhanova and her curatorial group ChT-16-7K organized a cultural and leisure event "A good attitude of student life" for students living in a hostel for the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyles and patriotic education of students.


Congratulate a doctoral candidate Abdurazova P.A.

with successful defense of a PhD dissertation

and wish further creative successes

Scientific managers: D.t.s., professor   Satayev M.S.

    c.t.s., assistant professor   Koshkarbayeva Sh.T.

Foreign consultant: PhD, professor of Cardiff  University (UK)   Prokopovich P.

Collective of CTIS department

"Spiritual agreement is the foundation of the stability of Kazakhstan society"

The forum named "Spiritual agreement-the foundation of the stability of the Kazakh society" was held on October 13, 2017,. The forum is organized by the South Kazakhstan regional Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, the department of educational work and youth policy and special. chair "Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan" SKSU named after  M.Auezov. The forum was opened by the Vice-Rector of SKSU named after M.Auezova Zh.T.Aymenov..

"Man's chanting of works"

Workers of the Kazakhstan trade Union of education and science from the South Kazakhstan regional branch held event " Еңбек адамын жырлаймын " honor of "Labor Day"and "Day of the Teacher" in 28th of September, 2017.  Teachers-veterans, excellent students of education, teachers' dasties, young teachers and students, heads of district, city, regional departments of education, school principals, heads of district and city trade unions and trade union activists and the media took part in the celebration. Before the holiday, students SKSU named after M. Auezov, organized the flash mob, the participants of the event watched a video on the activities of trade unions structural organizations. In the event a veteran education S. Barahona congratulated participants on the occasion and presented the "best teachers" diplomas of akim of the region and letters of thanks.

Plant evaporation process

On October 27, the teacher of “Biotechnology” department Saidullaeva L.N. with group ChТ-16-5к1 an open lesson on the discipline "Plant Physiology" on the theme "Plant evaporation process" was conducted. An open lesson was attended by, associate professor Aitkulova R., Dauylbay A., teacherOspanova A. During the open lesson, students showed great interest and actively participated...