Youth of the independent Kazakh country and religion.

On 03 April 2017, 11:30 a.m., room number 211 "A". In M.Auezov South Kazakhstan state University, Department of "Refining and Petrochemicals" higher school "Chemical engineering and biotechnology" students of the group ChT-15-6r organized a round table on the theme: "Youth of the independent Kazakh country and religion." The purpose of the event is to educate the young in the spirit of tolerance and rejection of religious extremism. In "Round table" took part: deputy dean O. P. Byisby, senior curator of higher school A. A. Astapova, senior curator of the Department "Refining and Petrochemicals" A. U. Sarsenbayeva, curator of group ChT-15-6r1 A. O. Orazymbetova and students HS of ChI&BT, specially invited guests:

1. Maymakov Gappаr Kasybekov - head of the Department "Assembly of people of Kazakhstan," the Chairman of the PA "ASYL Mura".

2. Bekbosynov Eimbeck Tulenovich– Dr. PhD, theologian-lawyer, lecturer at PA "ASYL Mura" and the Deputy Dean of the faculty of Jurisprudence.

3. Erigitov Marat Kairatovich – head of the centre for the study religion in regional governmental institution.

During the "Round table" Maymakov Gappаr Kasybekovich, Bekbosyn Eimbeck Tulenovich and Erigitov Marat Kairatovich highlighted the importance of the practice the traditional religions, the religion of Christianity and Islam. Gave examples from the life about the evils and dangers of non-traditional trends, the main objectives of which is a distorted vision of religion. Gave satisfactory answers to students ' questions.