During the project implementation, 11 workshops on different topics related to Land Degradation will be organized by the project partners. The workshops will be delivered in remote mode as online webinars and will involve professors and researchers from partners universities in order to share knowledge about summer schools-related topics.  
        •    1st IUCLAND Workshop "Land Evolution and degradation in Italy: the key indicator to monitor landscape vulnerability and degradation risk" - December 1st, 2016 starting at at h. 9.00 CET
        •    2nd IUCLAND Workshop "Land Degradation in Slovakia" - February 15th, 2017 starting at at h. 9.00 CET
        •    3rd IUCLAND Workshop "Land degradation in Kyrgyzstan is one of the factors of the biodiversity reduction"- March 9th, 2017 starting at h. 9.00 CET

        Summer Schools
        Summer schools will be organized during the second and third year of project activities and will target students and researchers of the partner universities. In particular, per each academic partner three students and one professors will be selected to take part in each summer school. 
        By the end of the project period six summer schools will have been delivered, one for each country of project partners, namely one in Italy (2017), one in Slovakia (2017), one in Kyrgyzstan (2017), one in Croatia (2018), one in Kazakhstan (2018) and one in China (2018).