«Tіlge Kurmet - elge Kurmet»

10.11.2016g. Auditorium 127 A-gr.HT 16-6k held an open curatorial hour on "Tіlge Kurmet - elge Kurmet", dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan, respectively, the idea of ​​"eating Mangilik.
      The purpose of the event - an explanation to the students about the development of the native  language, awaken,  to love  the state language, raise it to the proper height, taking into account the part Highlights of each nation, tradition, religion, Main features of languages ​​of people of Kazakhstan.
    In the message of President of Kazakhstan , on 28 Jan.2007 – ‘New Kazakhstan  in new world’ refers to the mastery of three languages. The Kazakh language - the state language, the Russian language - the language of international cooperation and English - the global language.
      This event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of  Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event was attended by Chief Specialist of the "educational work and youth policy" Orynbekov GB, faculty and students of the High School of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology "
The event was held in three languages by  ​​1 st year students of the department "Petrochemicals".