"Сlean up the planet from garbage"

"Ecology - the science of the future, and perhaps the very existence of the human will depend on the progress of the science"


1. Aims of the action:

- Promotion of environment and attracting public attention to the issue of environmental protection and safety of life;
- Attracting the younger generation to the system of separate collection of secondary resources;
- The preservation of urban forest parks, the protection of green spaces and protected areas of cities and suburbs.

2.Ozhidaemye results:
 improve the sanitary condition of the city and its surroundings;-
 preservation of the natural landscape of the south of Kazakhstan;-
 formation of ecological culture of the population.-
In rahkah weeks students of the department "Ecology" vospytatelny spent an hour on the theme of "clean up the planet from garbage" in the NIS (Nazarbayev Intellectual School), also conducted clean-up along the Berea "Kochkar-Ata" and the territory of building "A" SKSU M.Auezov. Results of the week was an appeal to the akim of the city.