RESOLUTION on the basis of a video conference "Green Technology"

The participants of the videoconference "The role of higher education institutions in the development of " green "technologies in Kazakhstan, stating that:
- In the modern era of intensive integration and modernization processes, each country tries to adapt, to find its own development path in the world community;
- Our state and each year develops new technologies involved in the activities of international organizations and making significant progress in the field of foreign policy and economic relations.

For successful implementation of the Concept of development of "green" technologies in Kazakhstan and the achievement of sustainable development goals is necessary to ensure the adequacy of human resources, skills and knowledge, including the preparation of engineering and managerial personnel who have received relevant training.

To achieve this, it is necessary to provide for measures in the following areas:

1. Turn on topics related to green technology in the curricula of educational institutions.

2. Apply to the MES on:
- Increase in the number of grant opportunities for training in the field of environment and green technologies;
- In the curriculum of students of technical specialties to provide an in-depth study of the issues of green technologies and environmental management;
- Carrying out studies and consultations on issues of green technologies and environmental management to instruct the departments of chemistry and chemical technology schools;
3. It is necessary to carry out educational work among all strata of the population to instil a new culture of environmental, green technology in relation to the environment.
4. Generate the population responsible and prudent attitude towards the use of energy, water and other natural resources;
5. To educate the younger generation in the culture of respect for the fauna and the environment.
6. It is also necessary to conduct a broad communication campaign and educational programs to raise public awareness of green technology, the use of resources and environmental problems.
7. Develop a system of professional development for green technology specialists and managers enforcement authorities and various companies, including - national.