Research work, student research work

Scientific Research work of the department of «Еcology»

At the department "Ecology" work is being carried out on the state budget topic; B-11-04-07 "New environmentally friendly technologies and monitoring in transport and production". There are 1 doctor of sciences working at the department: MD, Isaev AU, 4 professors, 8 candidates of sciences. The research work of the department is carried out in accordance with the plan for 2015-2020. At the department of 3 research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, works. For the last academic year, the department's PPP has published 108 scientific papers, including 6 articles in the journal with a high impact factor in the base of Thomson and Scopus, and also participated in more than 40 international and republican conferences. Research work at the Department of Ecology is carried out in accordance with the approved plans of the University. Five monographs and more than 200 scientific and methodical works have been published. Over the past 5 years, faculty members received 21 patents and certificates for inventions. The results of scientific research have been successfully introduced at the department. Acts of implementation in the educational process-15, in production-21. In the framework of the research work of the department, internships are conducted abroad. In the academic year the undergraduates of the department passed an internship at the St. Petersburg State University, the Tashkent Technological Institute and the Bishkek State Technical Institute.


Student research work of the department "Ecology"

The research work of the students of the department "Ecology" is conducted under the guidance of the faculty of the department in accordance with the plan of the NIRS. The scientific circle "Ecos" works at the department. In this circle, the results of more than 40 scientific works are annually discussed, the best reports are presented at conferences of faculties and universities and are awarded with diplomas. Students take an active part in scientific conferences in the near and far abroad. During the last academic year, more than 30 scientific papers were published in the form of articles. Student research is an important part of higher education and is an effective way to improve the quality of education. The research work of students should be aimed at developing the skills of scientific research and developing creative initiatives at the level of the researcher, the scientist (manager) in accordance with the requirements of modern training of specialists and the practical application of scientific and technological achievements. Participation in scientific research is an in-depth study professional discipline, expansion of their scientific, technical and social outlook, self-improvement of new ideas, adaptation to fast and effective .? Th flow of scientific information The main objective of the research work of the student is: - Creating skills for creative and professional thinking, the formation of scientific approaches to cognitive and research activities,
 - Providing a unified education (teaching and learning), science and practical processes
 Each student has the right to participate in creative personality competitions, scientific research and scientific creativity and the formation of full participation in the purposes and opportunities, legal, economic, organizational, etc., creating conditions for growth and development.
The main tasks of the SRWS are:
 - the formation of a system of scientific knowledge for students, the formation of a system of thinking, adaptation to skills and approaches (within the framework of unified educational and scientific processes);
 - to introduce students to the methods of scientific research, the practice of theory and decision-making,
- to form independent decision-making skills for scientific and practical tasks
 - work in a scientific team and organize work on
- student creativity, self-education, the need to continuously improve their knowledge, to teach scientific knowledge and creativity in deepening the material;
 - domestic and foreign literature on regular work and skills, ability to work with patent funds.