Representatives of the Department «Technology of cement, ceramics and glass» at the 4th international building and interior exhibition "ShymkentBuild-2018»

From 13 to 15 March 2018у. in Shymkent in KSU «Exhibition center» held the main and only professional international exhibition in the field of building and finishing materials, window technology, ceramics, stone, various industrial equipment and HVAC sector.

The opening of the exhibition was made by Governor Zhanseit Tuimebayev, who expressed gratitude to the participants and visitors, noting the importance of the international construction and interior exhibition.

In his speech, the head of the South Kazakhstan region noted the address to the people of the head of state «Five social initiatives of the President». In this connection, in the near future, within several years in our area rates of construction of housing, social facilities and their infrastructure will considerably increase. In addition, the head of the region said that this exhibition will certainly make a significant contribution to the development of the construction industry of our region.

The delegation of the Department "Technology of cement, ceramics and glass," was presented to leading scientists and academics, particularly the head of the Department, Ph. D., assistant Professor itorium by Ауtureev M. Zh., candidate of technical science, professor Kolesnikov A.S., doctor of PhD Zhakipbayev B.E. and master of engineering and technology by Tagibaev A. B. the Exhibition was presented by a number of companies about more than 35 different areas under the sectors of construction and interior. During acquaintance with activity of the companies, scientists of chair agreed preliminary arrangements on mutual assistance and cooperation including international in the field of production of white cement, dry construction mixes, ceramics and other materials. In particular, agreements were reached on the conclusion of international agreements on mutual research, advanced training of teaching staff, short - term internships for undergraduates studying in the framework of the state program of Industrial – innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2, the passage of all types of professional practice by students majoring 5B075300 - Chemical technology of refractory non-metallic and silicate materials.

According to the message of the Leader of the Nation, in South Kazakhstan in the framework of the state program "Nurlyjer" by 2021, the planned commissioning of 1 million square meters of housing for the benefit of our multinational people. Moreover, in Shymkent for its development as the third megalopolis of our Republic the project "Shymkent City"will be realized.  All this speaks about the demand in our region, as the production of building materials, extraction of raw materials for their production, and training of highly qualified personnel in the field of construction and chemical technology of refractory non-metallic and silicate materials.

In the modern world, cement, ceramics and glass are the "bread" of construction, which in the framework of the above brings relevance to the training of specialists in the field of chemical technology of refractory non-metallic and silicate materials on the educational trajectories of cement, ceramics and glass on the basis of our University.

The conference "Introduction of new technologies in the construction industry"was held as part of the exhibition ShymkentBuild-2018. In the process, which delegates of the Department "CKGT" and the exhibition participants discussed the most pressing issues and problems in the construction and related industries.

International exhibition ShymkentBuild-2018 was held in an interactive atmosphere, where representatives of various companies showed their products and manufactured equipment.