The best lecturer of the year
        In the result of  Committee meeting for awarding the title "The best lecturer in higher education" in 2016, an honorary title was awarded to 200 educators from all parts of the country. "Oil Processing and Petrochemicals". Professor of SKSU, Doctor of Technical Sciences Beisenbayev O.K. is among them.  High results of pedagogical activity of Oral Korganbekovich and its active research, teaching and educational work are keys to obtaining the grant, which gives an opportunity to go overseas training in leading universities of the world, to realize their scientific and educational projects, which, by the way, he has a lot .
        The staff of the department of "Oil Processing and Petrochemicals" warmly congratulates Professor Beysenbaev O.K. and wished creative success, interesting ideas and new achievements!

        Open Day 2017!             

        On March 17, 2017 in the assembly hall of the main building M. Auezov SKSU one of the oldest departments of the university - "Oil processing and petrochemistry" welcomed guests. Applicants were able to get detailed information about the activities of the department, implemented educational programs, to talk with students and teachers, to hear feedback from representatives of industrial enterprises.

        Olympic Games
        In the period from 29 to 31 March 2017, in Al-Farabi KazNU an annual subject Olympiad among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the specialty "Chemical technology of organic substances" was held. The first round of the Olympiad included passing the test in four subjects: General Chemical Technology, Processes and Apparatus of Chemical Technology, Organic Synthesis Technology and Organic Chemistry. Our university was represented by the team "Euro-5" included students of the department "Oil refining and petrochemistry" Sattarova M, Alchikenova A., Kazybaeva M., Torgalykyzy A., Abay N., Talabbek T. The team showed good results and took Prize-winning 3 place in group classification. Also, the team captain, a student of the group ChT-14-6r2 Sattarova Madinur, spoke with the theme of the report "Modernization of the process of heavy oil feedstock catalytic cracking" and won the prize place in the individual competition.
        Scholarship of Esenov Scientific and Educational Foundation
        Scientific and Educational Foundation named by Academician Shahmardan Yesenov since 2013 annually allocates scholarships to the best students who are educated in oil and gas specialties. In 2017, in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Academician, the foundation allocated 20 scholarships.
        Among the participants of the competition were students of more than 50 universities of the country. The contest was held in 2 stages, based on the essay sent. Applicants who passed the criteria for the second round, interviewed representatives of the fund, participated in the business game. Based on the results of the two rounds, the names of the winners were announced. A third year student of the chair of "Oil processing and petrochemistry" Sattarova Madinur  became the holder of a scholarship named after Shahmardan Yesenov.
        Republican study-methodical council meeting

        On March 31 at the M. Auezov SKSU meeting of the RSMC section on the specialty "Chemical Technology of Organic Substances" was held, in which representatives of all the universities of the republic, engaged in training in this direction, took part.
        Within the framework of the meeting the contest of the best diploma works of students was held. By results, the best works were recognized the following:
        1 place - Tleuov D. (Magistracy) on the topic "Improving the structural and mechanical properties of organic binders by modifying polymer waste," headed by Dr. Syrmanova K.K.
        2 place - Mineev E. (Bachelor) on the topic "To design the device of selective treatment oil distillates. Capacity of the device is 400 thnd tonnes per year. ", headed by PhD Karabaev Zh.A.
        3 place - Kan V. (Bachelor) on the topic "Removing the non-ferrous metals from high-viscosity oils using electro-aqueous salt solution", headed by senior lecturer Kovaleva A.Е.
        3 place - Kalmakov K.K. (Bachelor) on the topic "Jyldyk kauttylygy 6.0 million tons atmosphereyk aydau kondyrgysynda Kazakhstan munaylary cospatysyn physic-chemiyalyk kasietterin zertteu", head of the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Tanashev S.T.

Open lecture 27.11.2017y. Lecture hall 214 b On discipline «Сommercial oil products and quality contral» on the topic «Oil plasticizers, their use as plasticizers in the production of rubbers and rubber softeners» Lecturer: c.t.s., assistant professor Bimbetova G.Zh.



Dear We invite You to the open Day of the Department "Refining and petrochemicals" leading to bachelors, masters and doctors PhD on specialties "Chemical technology of organic substances", "Petrochemicals". Date and time of event: 24 November 2017, at 1030 hours Venue: Assembly hall of the main building SKSU M. Auezov, Tauke Khan, 5. The program 1000-1030 - registration of guests ( foyer, 3 floor of main building). 1030-1200 - event "Day of open doors" (the Assembly hall of the main building). 1200-1300 - tour of the laboratories of the Department (buildings a And B). Contact phone: 21-19-66, 87017407789, 8747232409