Better to see once than to hear many times!

     Theoretical material is especially well absorbed in a working situation, in an industrial environment. In order to acquaint students with biological methods of wastewater treatment, in the discipline “Ecological biotechnology”, associate professor of the department “Biotechnology” A. Saparbekova and students of the XT 16-5p group visited the Shymkent treatment facilities. Today, the WWTP (waste water treatment plant), which was reconstructed in 2016, operates at maximum capacity, processing about 150 thousand cubic meters per day.

     Biological wastewater treatment methods are based on the use of microorganisms capable of utilizing a number of toxic organic compounds, converting them into non-toxic substances.

     We were impressed not only by the scale of the enterprise, but also by the ability to use waste for biogas production as a renewable energy source with transformation into electricity. Powerful biogas plants, a gas holder prove that waste-free enterprises are no plans for the future, but the realities of the modern economy.

     In accordance with the implementation at the Department of «Biotechnology» the project Erasmus + (International university cooperation on land protection in European –Asiatic countries / IUCLAND and Enhancing Competence in Waste Management in Russian and Kazakh Universities / EduEnvi) includes classes can improve knowledge for environmental protection, land protection and waste management.


Open lecture

 On November  19. 2019 at 9 35 in the auditorium 421A, an open lecture on descipline «Cell culture and plant theme» on the theme «Somalyk budandastyru» was held in the group HT 17-5k1.2. Lecturer Ph.D., аssociate professor Abildaeva R.A.



On October 31, the teacher of “Biotechnology” department Ibraimova Zh.K. with group ChТ-18-5к1 an open lesson on the discipline "Special Phyziology of Plant Physiology" on the theme " mineral nutrition" was conducted. An open lesson was attended by, associate professor Abildaeva R., Akhanov U., teacher Ospanova A. During the open lesson, students showed great interest and actively participated.



Open lesson Ph. D., senior lecturer of the Department "Biotechnology" Nadirov Zh. K.

27.11.2017 g at 10.40 in the audience And proslo 117 open session Ph. D., Professor of the Department "Biotechnology" by J. K. Gunay Nadirova in groups HT-14-5р1, P2 on the subject "Environmental biotechnology" on the topic "the Use of microorganisms –destructors of hydrocarbons for purification of wastewater oil refineries and soils polluted with oil»

Demonstration lecture on a theme «The Cardiovascular system»

On November, 1st at 14:00 in an audience 216 "A" was conducted demonstration lecture of PhD, senior lecturer Aimenova Zh.E. on a theme «The Cardiovascular system» on discipline «Human and animal physiology» for students of group ХТ-16-5р in English. During lecture high activity of the students has been noted, and also by lecturer had been showed interactive methods of training.

On the 5th of October 2016 at 9.35 the demonstration lecture in English on discipline «Objects of biotechnology» on the theme «Viruses and prions» in the group ChT-15-5a was spent. The demonstration lecture took place in the lecture hall №117А. The lecturer – c.t.s., associate professor,  Mamitova A.D.