A student from Poland, an academic mobility student, Danuta Nales is speaking at the Department of Ecology and getting acquainted with research centers. In total, Danuta made several reports during this academic mobility and attended English-language lectures with students.

Studied from Iasi University in Romania, Bulan Mikhai and John Konstantin are delivering a keynote speech to students at the Department of Ecology. This led to an environmental problem in Romania.

A scientist from the University of Sweden in Gulaim Seisenbaeva gives a lecture on the topic "Rational use of water resources" in front of students at the Department of Ecology. Interesting environmental problems of natural resources were discussed.

    November 28, at the Department of Ecology of the Higher School Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Was the 23rd regional scientific conference of young scientists in technical sciences

"The cult of knowledge and science in the XXI century"

dedicated to the 120th anniversary of K.I. Satpayev

The conference was attended by 36 young scientists.

List of educational institutions participating in the conference:

1. International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Yassaui, Turkestan

2. South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University

3. Shymkent University, the city of Shymkent

4. Regional-Social-Innovation University, Shymkent

5. Peoples' Friendship University, Shymkent

6. Miras University, Shymkent

7. general secondary school No. 39 named after M. Zhumabaev, Shymkent

8. Lyceum School No. 77, Shymkent

9. School-Lyceum № 54, the city of Shymkent

10. School - Lyceum No. 5, Tolebi district, Turkestan region


The conference examined natural and urban ecosystems and their components; biosphere and its components; environmental monitoring and marketing; analysis, inspection and control of the environment; compilation of prognostic models; management and consulting functions in the field of environmental protection; environmental education and upbringing; compliance with environmental requirements in technological processes and in the design of new enterprises, settlements, planning and implementation of environmental measures in various sectors of the economy, conducting an environmental impact assessment and environmental audit.

As a result of the conference, was adopted a resolution and awarded with diplomas authors of the best reports


          On May 20, 2019 a round table on the topic "Knowledge is the one who competes thousands of students" was held among students and graduates of "Ecology" department. During the round table, the dean of the high school, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Bolysbek Aidar, the head of the department of ecology Chingizbaeva Zh.,  ecological engineer Thermal Power Plant Talgат Kaldygozov, officers Sairam Ugamskaya National Park, docent GM Iztleuov made a speech.

     On April 19, 2019, the department "Ecology" together with the students of the specialty "5B060800-Ecology" held an Ecological campaign dedicated to the Earth Day "Separate garbage collection". The dean of the Higher School “KI and BT” Ph.D., associate professor Bolysbek A.A., head of the department “Ecology” Ph.D., professor Shingisbayeva Zh.A. and students of the 3rd course K.Shametova, K.Aitbaev, A. Aben. They encouraged all university students to participate in events. Students responded to the action. The 3rd year students of the HT-16-4p group, who helped to collect and sort the useful waste, were especially active in this movement.
On the first floor of Educational Building No. 1 (G. Ilyaev 5), 3 containers were opened for separate collection of a plastic bottle, paper and for used batteries.

Holding an online video conference on the G Global platform.


     23.04.2009 faculty of the Department "Ecology" together with the G. L. Gumilyov Eurasian National University held an online videoconference on the theme "Transport and environment", in the framework of the program "Ruhani zhangyru" and the international project Erasmus+ "Economy, ecology and infrastructure high-speed rail" on the platform G-Global.

The video conference was attended by teachers of the departments "Ecology", "Transport, organization of transport and traffic", representatives of the Center for international cooperation of M. AuezovSouth Kazakhstan State University, G. V. Telegina - Tyumen State University, Director of RIMS, coordinator of the TREASURE WATER project from partner countries, Professor Edgar Wagner - Deputy project coordinator of the leading University on the project TREASURE WATER University albert Ludwig, Freiburg, Germany, Zura Sansyzbayeva - coordinator of the project "EEIHSR" from L. N. GumilyovENU., as well as staff of the Department "Management and engineering in the field of environmental protection" of L. N. GumilevEurasian National University, International humanitarian-technical University, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University and representatives of the College of New Technologies of Shymkent city.

Reports on the following topics were discussed:

1."Шымкент қаласында экологиялық таза транспорттың даму мәселелері"-Iztleuov G. M. candidate of technical Sciences , associate professor of Department "Ecology" M. AuezovSKSU

2. «Использование отходов строящегося содового завода для безопасности движения транспорта»- Apsalyamov Bauyrzhan-doctor of technical Sciences., Professor, L. N. GumilevENU.

3. «Автокөлікке пайдаланатын жанар жағар майдың экологиялық таза баламалы түрлерін пайдалану мәселесі»- Isayevа R. A. candidate of technical Sciences., associate professor of Department "Ecology" M. Auezov SKSU

4. «Генезис становления транспортной цивилизации евразийских номодов»-Nurushev Murat Jusipbekovich.  doctor of biology, Professor, L. N. Gumilev ENU.

5. «Автотранспорт жолы бойындағы элементтердің миграциялық қасиеттерінің өсімдіктерге және ауылшаруашылық өнімдерінің сапалық көрсеткіштеріне әсерін зерттеу» -Utebayev, A. A.,candidate of technical Sciences,associate professor of Department "Ecology" M. Auezov SKSU

6.   "«Автотранспорттың қоршаған ортаға әсері-Masanov Airat Bagasharovich. candidate of technical Sciences , associate professor, L. N. Gumilev ENU.


All present took part in the discussion of these issues. The participants of the videoconference, noting the relevance of the problem of environmental safety of transport and the impact of its operation on the environment, proposed: the need for cooperation of competent organizations in order to develop joint action programs on fundamental education, research and implementation of scientific projects on the impact of transport on the environment and human health.

The final speech was made by candidate of technical Sciences , associate professorof "Ecology" M. Auezov SKSUShyngyshbaeva J. A. Thanked all the participants for their active participation. She expressed hope for strengthening cooperation between our universities.

Students of the Department of  5V060800- «Ecology»  have successfully defended their diploma work. The chairman of the state attestation commission Talgat Kaldykozov sincerely congratulated the students and recommended to enter master degree.

        Teachers of the department "Ecology" Satayeva L.M, Taubayeva A.S in the 26.05.2018-04.06.2018 period passed a scientific internship at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Beijing, China). During the scientific internship the teachers got acquainted with the university, visited the classes, undergraduate's research laboratories, got acquainted with the basic cleaning methods and cleaning equipment for the natural surface water treatment of China.

The moment  defending degree dissertation of postgraduet student  of speciality6М060800-Еcology

Postgraduate student  of speciality6М060800-Еcology