Merits and achievements

The southern region of Kazakhstan is a highly concentrated industrial zone. The development of chemistry and the chemical industry influences the development of all branches of the economy, the acceleration of general scientific and technological progress. The chemical industry and its achievements contribute to the prosperity of the economy and culture of our sovereign nation, the welfare of the people.

In modern society, everyone understands that every person lives in the chemical age and that the development of scientific and technological progress without chemistry is impossible.

In order to increase students' interest in the subject of chemistry SKSU named after M.Auezov in conjunction with School High School № 15 named after M.Auezov. D.I.Mendeleva in Shymkent annually organizes the city traditional olympiad in chemistry among pupils of 9-11 classes on the eve of D.I. Mendeleev's birthday.

Members of the commission responsible for the Olympics: Bolysbek A.A, Bekzhigitova K.A, Dzhakipbekova N.O., Beisbekova R.J., Asylbekova D.D., Toktybayeva K.R., Tleukeeva Zh.A., Adikhodzhaeva K.B, Dzholdasova Sh.A., Abdulova E.N., Sadenova AA, Kilibaeva A.E.

The university plans to hold the XII Mendeleev Olympiad in February 2018.

The holders of state grants of the department "Chemistry and the fundamentals of chemical technology"

"The best teacher of the university"

Nazarbekova S.P.

"The best teacher of the university" - 2006., 2015 y.

Dzhakipbekova N.O.

"The best teacher of the university" – 2011y.

Baysbai O.P.

"The best teacher of the university" – 2017y.