International Summer School on Land degradation in Italy

1stInternational Summer School on Land degradationwas held 5-10 June   2017 at Molise University, Campobasso, Italy. Professor Saparbekova Almira and the students of  Biotechnology department Akhmetova Aigerim, Irsaliyeva Sabina and Saduakassova Maira participated from SKSU.

Summer school was officially opened on June 5th, 2017 by the local coordinator of the IUCLAND project, prof. Angelo Belliggiano together with the directors of the summer school, prof. Claudio Colombo and prof. Elisabetta Salimei. The courses consisted in lectures, after lectures discussions, and a final field trip in conservative agriculture farm places.The duration of summer school was 6 working days, 40 hours.During 6 days of summer school in Campobasso, 15 lecturers from Italy and abroad delivered 5 lectures including prof Saparbekova Almira Amangeldiena  were dealing about various topics related to land degradation and related issues.

The last day of the summer school was dedicated to field trip in conservative farm. At the end of field trip, there was final ceremony, where students received certificate of attendance.