History of the chair

History of the department

1949 the established general education department "Chemistry" and in September 2010 the department "Nanotechnology" created on the basis of the department "technology of electrochemical production", during the reorganization of the structure of the departments of the University in July 2014 were merged as the department "Chemistry". Pedagogical and scientific work of the department attracted famous scientists of the time.

The reorganized department "Chemistry" has been known for many years as an experienced, knowledgeable and talented, advanced department of the Faculty of Chemical Technologies.

The Department of Chemistry was included in the reorganized Higher School of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology in 2014.

The department "Chemistry" prepared specialists in 5В060600 (050606) - "Chemistry", "Chemical, Forensic and Environmental Expertise", one of the most important and authoritative specialties.

Specialty "Chemistry" and specialization "Chemical, Forensic and Environmental Expertise" received the certificate of the international accreditation agency ASIIN, the certificate of state accreditation (series A, No. 00000042), received the certificate of international accreditation issued in the agency "ASIIN" on July 21, 2008. resulting in the opportunity to open a specialty magistracy.

6M060600-Chemistry was trained by specialists in the specialty.

August 28, 2017 by the decision of the university's academic council, specialty 5В060600- "Chemistry" of the department "Chemistry", the higher school "Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology" in connection with the reorganization, was transferred to the department "Theory and Methods of Teaching Chemistry", the Natural and Pedagogical Faculty and in connection with the reorganization of the department "Chemistry" was renamed "Chemistry and the basics of chemical technology" and became a general education department.

At the present time the chair is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor K. Bekzhigitova.

There are 2 doctors of sciences, 2 professors, 10 candidates of sciences, 10 associate professors, 2 masters, 3 senior lecturers and 1 teacher at the department.