History of the chair

Historical information about the company and prospects of development of the organization

According to the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 1993 a new specialty "Biotechnology" was opened at the Kazakh Chemical Technology Institute and in 1993 the first group of entrants for training in the state and russian languages ​​was recruited for this specialty.

Biotechnology is a new branch of science and production based on the use of biological processes and systems for obtaining economically important products, creating new varieties of plants, animal breeds, strains of microorganisms. Today, biotech is produced in a large amount, but at the lowest cost, fodder protein, the cellular mass of bacteria, fungi and algae, insulin, growth hormone, interferon, blood coagulation factors, monoclonal antibodies, immobilized enzymes, etc. By bioconversion of industrial and agricultural waste production receive valuable renewable sources of fuel: alcohols, biogenic hydrocarbons, hydrogen. Modern developments are aimed at the creation of wasteless technologies and the search for new active microorganisms - the destroyers of polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride). These examples do not limit the achievement of biotechnology. It is possible to say with certainty that this is the science of the 21st century, since biotechnological processes lie at the basis of creating modern science-intensive, resource-saving and environmentally friendly industries.

A lot of strength, knowledge, energy was attached by the head of the department of the TEHP, doctor of technical sciences, professor Sataev M.S., in order to solve all the issues of the newly opened specialty. At that time, the department of TEHP was the first and only in Kazakhstan, therefore all working curricula and methodological documentation were compiled on the basis of the best practices of universities in the near and far abroad. A huge contribution to the development of the specialty was made by the associate professor, candidate of chemical sciences Prikhodko N.A. She led the work on the creation of educational-methodical and material-technical bases of the specialty, lecture courses were prepared in a short time, laboratory works were put, laboratories were equipped with new instruments, apparatuses, installations were installed, boxing was equipped, the teaching staff improved their skills at the leading enterprises of the region and in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan. In 1996, the department was headed by Nadirov K.S., now doctor of chemical sciences, professor, under his leadership a biochemical laboratory was organized and created.

At present, the chair is led by candidate of  biological sciences, associate professor Saparbekova A.A.

Since the opening of the specialty, over one hundred specialists trained by the department have been working at leading, promising enterprises in Kazakhstan in Shymkent, Almaty, Astana, Stepnogorsk (Shymkentpivo LLP, Biotechnology NGC, KeT and So. LLP, etc.). In the 2001-2002 academic year, specialty 541230 was opened for the preparation of a bachelor of biotechnology. In 2001, specialty 120140 "Biotechnology" was transferred to the faculty "Oil and Gas Production and Processing", and in 2003 - to the newly organized agro-industrial faculty. Currently, the department is part of the Chemical Engineering and biotechnology Higher School.

The main scientific directions of the department:

- obtaining strains of microorganisms and viruses for the development of technology for the production of vaccines and serums against infectious agents of animal diseases;

- identification and improvement of promising species of microorganisms and plants for bioremediation of disturbed soils and aquatic ecosystems.

- development of anaerobic waste processing technology for the production of biohumus enriched with vitamin B12

- improvement of enzyme preparations used in brewing and alcohol industry.

A significant amount of research is carried out by students both in the form of teaching and research work, and in after-hours. Students advocate the sleep of traditional student conferences, a regional conference of universities in the Southern region, Russian universities.

The park of scientific research laboratory equipment of the department is more than 50 000 000 tenge, including:

devices for laboratory experiments "Cobra" (Germany) -1 set, computer video microscope S-300 (Germany) - 1, set of educational and laboratory equipment of the Cabinet of Biology (Kazakhstan) -1, horizontal Laminar cabinet AN-100 (Russia) -1, Centrifuge OPN-8U (Germany) -1, thermostat Ts-205 (Russia) - 1, single-channel pipettes variable volume dispensers (England) -1, autoclave ВК-75-1 (Czechia) -1, photoelectric calorimeter КФК-2 (Poland) - 1. Some experimental work was carried out in the laboratories of  M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.