History of the chair

The history of the Department begins in 1973, when the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Kazakh SSR decided to train engineers in the technology of natural water treatment and industrial emissions in Kazhti. In the same year, the first set of students for the specialty 1217 technol was carried out.treatment of powder and wastewater in the Department "Technology of inorganic substances".

In 1977, an independent Department "Technology of natural and wastewater treatment" was organized, which was headed by doctor of technical Sciences, Professor sh. m. Moldabekov.

The Department was staffed by specialists-graduates of the specialty "water Supply and Sewerage" of higher educational institutions of cities, Novosibirsk (VI Zrazhevskaya), Moscow (dzhanabaev NS), Leningrad cities (Nurumbetov NS and Kamshybaev AA), Ust-Kamenogorsk (Dergachev PP and Egorova Ov). The Department was also invited are candidates of Sciences, as Kozhevnikova G. I., Prusov V. N., Sheds S. A., Biterekov W. B., Umarova Z. A., Sermanizov S. S. etc.

The first graduation of natural and wastewater treatment engineers took place in 1978. In 1980 the Department was renamed on - "Rational use of water resources and neutralization of industrial effluents" ("RIVR OPS"). During this period, the Department became the only profiling Department in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Contracts for training of specialists with 50 enterprises of the region were signed. The Department for 12 years annually trained 17 specialists on the cooperative contract for the enterprises of the Uzbek and Kyrgyz SSR.

In 1989, the Department of "RIVR OPS" was reorganized into the Department of "Industrial ecology and environmental protection" and began training additional environmental engineers in the specialty 2513- "environmental Protection and rational use of natural resources" in two specializations: "Rational use and protection of water resources." Preparation and "Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources". The Department carried out a direct contract for the training of specialists in specialties 2908 and 2513 for the Karakalpak administration of the Uzbek SSR on the integrated use and protection of water resources. In 1999 the Department was renamed "life Safety and ecology" and began to train environmental engineers in the specialty 1703 - "Applied ecology" in the state and Russian languages. In 2006, the Department was divided into two departments - "Ecology" and "life Safety and environmental protection".

On September 24, 2010 by reorganization and Association of two chairs "Ecology" and " Geography "the new chair"Geoecology and nature management" was organized. Since August 2014, the Department has returned to its former name "Ecology". Currently, the Department prepares bachelors in the specialty: 5B060800 - "Ecology" and masters in the specialty: 6M060800 - "Ecology".