History of the chair

The department is one of the oldest departments of M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, organized in 1962. This was the first department in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which trained general engineers and chemical process engineers for the booming chemical industry based on the largest Karatau phosphorite deposit. Every year, the department graduated more than 100 process engineers to provide labor resources for a new enterprise for the production of phosphorus and its compounds at the private enterprise "Phosphorus" in Shymkent.

The first head and organizer of the new department was associate Professor Seitmagzimov A.S., who headed the department from 1962 to 1974. In subsequent years, the department was in charge: in 1974-1976 -  Bishimbaev V.K., in 1980-1985 - Popova G.Ya. In 1985, the Department of “Technology of Electrothermal Production” was added  to the Department of “Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances”, and in 2010, the Department of “Technology of Electrochemical Production”. In 1985-1988 the joint department "Technology of inorganic substances" was headed by Tleukulov O.M., in 1988-1991 - V.M. Shevko, in 1991-2005 - Professor Moldabekov Sh.M., in 2005-2006 - Shakirov B.S., in 2006-2011 - Besterekov W.B. In 2010, the Department of “Technology of Electrochemical Production” was merged. This department was opened in 1963, the first head of the department was R.S. Wahidov. Further, the cafe was led by Zhurinov M.Zh., Chechina O.N., Nauryzbaev M.K., Sataev M.S., Nadirov K.S. The department trained specialists in electrochemistry for the countries of Central Asia and the south of Russia. During the existence of the department, several hundred engineers were trained. Among them are directors (presidents) of large industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan Isaev A.I., Azhmagambetov K.M., Ph.D., Director of PJSC "Phosphorus" Zhumartbaev E.U., Director of the ZhF NDFZ LLP "Kazphosphate" Frangulidi L.H.

In the 2010-2011 academic year, the department of CTIS was headed by M.K. Zhekeyev, in 2011-2014 - K.T. Zhantasov, in 2014-2015 - E.N. Kocherov, in the 2015-2016 academic year - M.Zh. Aitureev, from september 2016 to the present, the department is headed by Professor G.M. Seitmagzimova.

Over the years, the department was updated and developed, opening up new specializations, expanding areas of cooperation with enterprises of the southern region and other regions of Kazakhstan. Since 1995, the department opened a new specialization "Chemical technology of explosives and pyrotechnic means", in 2008 - specialization "Nanotechnology" and "Nuclear Chemical Technology", and in 2009 - "Membrane technology". Students are taught in three languages ​​- official language, Russian and English.

Since its foundation, the department has graduated more than 2,300 specialists, bachelors, masters and PhD doctors. Among the graduates - more than 20 doctors and 100 candidates of science, many of whom became heads of large enterprises, rectors of universities, directors of research institutes, prominent scientists, leading specialists in production: the general director of “Kazphosphate” LLP Iskandirov M.Z.; Can.Tech.Sci., Director of TF ZMU LLP “Kazphosphate” Isaev T.A.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Director of LLP “Syry-Tas” Alteev T.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor Berzhanov D.S.; Academicians of NAS RK Zhurinov M.Zh.; Baeshov A.B. Zhurinov M.Zh. –– the first rector, and then the president of the H.A. Yassavi IKTU, President of NAS RK.

In different years, famous scientists, Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Ananiev N.I.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Sholak A.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor E. Bugenov; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Shapiro L.D.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Gilmanova G.B.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Mirkina L.I.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor Shevko V.M.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor Aitkulov D.K.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor Zhantasov K.T.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor Anarbaev A.A.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Ospanov S.S.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Utebaev A.A.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Tleuova S.T.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor Sataev M.S.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor Besterekov U.B.; Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor Tleuov A.S.; Can.Tech.Sci., Professor Seitmagzimova G.M.; Can.Tech.Sci., Professor Dzhanmuldaeva Zh.K.; Doc.Tech.Sci., associate professor Eskendirov M.Z.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Kadyrbaeva A.A.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Koshkarbaeva Sh.T.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Karataeva G.E.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Barlybaev M.R.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Ryabkov E.N.; Can.Tech.Sci., associate professor Bolysbek A.A.

By specialty 05.17.01 - "Technology of inorganic substances" at the department until 2010. postgraduate and doctoral studies functioned successfully, which were completed and defended by the doctoral dissertations of professors Zhantasov K.T., Bazhirov N.S., Besterekov U.B., Anarbaev A.A., Batkaev I.I., Protopopov A.V., Aitkulov D.K., Zhekeyev M.K., Alteev T.A., Batkaev R.I. and more than 50 master's theses. Since 1995, the magistracy has been functioning at the department, since 2009 - PhD doctoral studies, which 8 doctoral students have completed and successfully defended their dissertations.

In 2015, in connection with the optimization of units, the Department of “Technological Processes and Apparatuses”, which has a high scientific and pedagogical potential, was attached to the department of CTIS. Since 2004, the department was the first at the university to start teaching students in English.

The holders of the grant "The best teacher of the university" are 14 teachers of the department. The department has a high scientific potential; about 80% of faculty members have degrees of doctors and candidates of sciences or PhD. Teachers actively participate in competitions of research projects for grant financing. Contractual research work is also being carried out with enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Erasmus+ international educational projects.

Educational programs of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies of CTIS annually occupy a leading position in the republican program ratings held by the IQAA and IAAR agencies.