"A good attitude of student life"

16 November 2017 in the hostel number 6 under the supervision of the senior curator of the department of "Technology of cement, ceramics and glass" of the Higher School of "Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology" Akzhibek  Kulmakhanova and her curatorial group ChT-16-7K organized a cultural and leisure event "A good attitude of student life" for students living in a hostel for the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyles and patriotic education of students.

         Education is our main treasure. People's poet Nurpeys Baytanin said: "There is nothing more valuable than education and it will never wither away". Only an educated person can confidently go to the future. If our youth, who have received education will continue to develop their wisdom, beauty, it is only for the better. Only through hard work in teaching and education can you achieve high results. Communicability, education, wisdom, the demand for our students is the demand and the way of society. In this regard, along with education, the role of educational work is very important and relevant.
         The purpose of this open curatorial hour is to familiarize students with the history of the holidays. Attract students to self-search, knowledge of the winning answer, creativity. Bring them to activity, communication skills, time management and be away from bad habits. Agitation of students to acquire profound knowledge and be competitive in the labor market.