General information

The educational activity of the department of the Petroleum processing and petrochemistryis focused on training specialists for the oil refining and petrochemical industries.

Training of bachelors is carried out on the specialty 5В072100 -Chemical technologiesfor organic substances, masters - 6М072100 - Chemical technologiesfor organic substances, 6М073900 - Petrochemistry, doctors РhD 6Д072100 -Chemical technologiesfor organic substances. Programs with reduced and accelerated terms of study are being implemented.

A package of documents for obtaining a license for opening a doctorate in specialty 6D073900- "Petrochemistry" was submitted to the Strategic Planning and Analysis Department.

OP 6M073900-Petrochemistry (magistracy) passed specialized accreditation in NKAO.

      The laboratory of the Chemical technologiesfor organic substanceshas 7 laboratories with a total area of ​​327 square meters, which are equipped with modern laboratory instruments: a catalytic cracking unit with a stationary catalyst bed and an ARN-2 oil rectification unit, as well as a number of oil product analyzers, PD320 660/660 rollers, vulcanization press RDE 800x800, injection molding machine, periodic coking unit, penetrometer PNB-01, octanometer SX-200, apparatus DB-150 for determination of extensibility of oil bitumen, automatic analyzer of fractional composition of petroleum products -1, KGA gas analyzer, compressors, drying cabinets, muffle furnace, low-temperature oil products meter with computer program MX-700, aniline point analyzer AT-PC, automatic device for determination of conditional viscosity VUN-20, rectifier VU-24, electronic analytical scales and technical Ohaus and others. The department also has personal computers, video projectors, a TV, a video recorder with a set of movies and slides for special disciplines, a projector, a set of posters, animated materials.

      Laboratories # 233B, 214B and # 216B are equipped with interactive whiteboards in which interactive classes are conducted: virtual laboratory work, demonstration of video lectures, viewing of electronic books, demonstration of presentation material, multimedia files on the big screen.

      The department has an additional laboratory base and production facilities for conducting training sessions at LLP "Ekoshina"; PetroKazakhstanOilProducts LLP; Hill-corporation LLP; StratusOil LLP (UNPK).

      The chair constantly conducts work on expansion of bases of practices. The bases of the students' practice are: PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP (Shymkent); LLP "Atyrau Oil Refinery" (Atyrau city); LLP "Eco-tire" (Shymkent), LLP "Neftekhimstroy-South", LLP "Hill corporation" (Shymkent), "StratusOil" LLP (Shymkent), Kazan National Research Technological University,

      According to the practice agreements and in accordance with the practice program, the enterprises provide the students with safe work conditions at each workplace, appoint qualified employees to guide practice, present to student trainees and practice leaders from the university the opportunity to use laboratories, offices, workshops, libraries, technical documentation, drawings, as well as data from the planning and economic department and accounting, necessary for the successful mastery of the program practice and performance of individual tasks.

As a sponsor, LLP "PKOP" transferred to the department laboratory equipment, refrigeration units, chemical devices and laboratory utensils in the amount of KZT 18 million, as well as 370 titles of technical literature.