General information

Structure and educational – industrial base of the department

Department «Biotechnology» was established in 2003 in the Agro-industrial faculty.  In september of 2011 it joined to the Chemical-technological faculty. Since In september of 2014 the faculty has been reorganized into the Higher school «Chemical engineering and biotechnology»

The Department has offices on the basis of SWSRIPCB, South Kazakhstan branch  of Republican veterinary laboratory. Preparation of bachelors is carried out on the speciality 5B070100 - Biotechnology, preparation of masters degree is carried out on the speciality 6М070100– Biotechnology (direction is scientific- pedagogical) and preparation of the doctoral students is carried out on the speciality 6D070100 Biotechnology.

Total area of classroom and laboratory facilities, preparatory and classroom of a Biogas device in G building is 470,05м2 that corresponds to the current health standards and can guarantee the implementation of educational plans and programs provided by the state educational standard of education.

Laboratories are equipped with the modern laboratory equipments and devices. In 2016-2017 according to the plan of the State procurements the following equipments and laboratory furniture were purchased: Laboratory centrifuge-2 units; Green Vitamin automatic germinator -2 units; Manometer - 2 units; sand bath-1unit; laboratory tables-6 units; laboratory glass tables-4 units.

Staff of the department

In 2016-2017 academic year the staff of the department «Biotechnology» was 36 teachers. Since november 2016 in connection with the termination of decree leave c.a.s. associated professor Dauylbay A. came to work and from 21 of April of this year c.t.s., senior lecturer Zh.K. Nadirova came to work . From the 21st of april the teacher A. Kidyrova left the job for personal reason. E. Astafieva from 13th of February was transferred to staff.

In 2016-2017 academic year at the Department "Biotechnology" the teaching staff was 37 teachers. The total staff with academic degrees is 67.6% and the staff personal is 54.1%.

Organization of educational work and implementation of the curriculum of the Department.

Educational program 5B070100-Biotechnology supposes the results-oriented  formation of certain knowledge, skills and methodological culture, and methods of active learning. One of the promising methods used in the implementation of the educational process is a problem-oriented approach to learning, which allows you to focus the attention of students on the analysis and resolution of any particular problem situation, which becomes the starting point in the learning process.

   Modern audio and video materials, electronic textbooks and manuals, video lectures, virtual laboratory works, multimedia technologies, interactive whiteboards, specialized laboratories are systematically used to activate the cognitive activity of students in the classroom.

Preparation of bachelors of education program «Biotechnology» is mainly determined by the labor market. Teaching is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Courses such as «Biochemistry» and «Microbiology and Virology», «Food biotechnology», «Environmental biotechnology», «Human and animal physiology» are included in the English language teaching trajectory.

Planning and distribution of the annual workload is conducted in accordance with the qualifications of teachers and by taking into account the specifics of previously taught disciplines, primarily lectures. The teaching loads is 30 credits, taking into account the specifics of the master's, doctoral full-time training and training in English.

The educational process in groups with English language training is carried out by qualified teachers who have certificates of completion of courses on improvement of English language knowledge (English courses "Inter-Press"; English courses "ASYL aset" and "Senior" (speaking); center of language development of SKSU - Academic English (speaking).

After the theoretical course the mandatory practical training in the workplace is provided.  Organization of professional practice in the University is conducted on the basis of the QMS of SKSU "Organization and conducting of professional practice of students."