General information

General informations

The chair "Metallurgy" is a part of the Higher School "Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology". The department is a graduate, organized in 2011 on the basis of the decision of the University Council (Order No. 210 dated 05.09.11).

The department provides training of personnel:

- Bachelor of specialty 5В070900 - "Metallurgy"

- Master of specialty 6M070900 - "Metallurgy".

Training of bachelors in the educational program 5В050709 - "Metallurgy" is carried out in accordance with the State Obligatory Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Within the educational program the following specializations are realized: "Metallurgy of non-ferrous metals", "Metallurgy of ferrous metals", "Electrometallurgy".

Preparation of bachelors and masters are carried out by 2 doctors of sciences, 7 candidates of sciences, 4 master's degrees.The academic process involves scientists and leading specialists - producers in the field of metallurgy.

В 2014г образовательная программа 5В070900 – Металлургия прошла институциональную (Республиканскую) специализированную аккредитацию на соответствие критериям стандартов в Независимом казахстанском агентстве по обеспечению качества в образовании (НКАОКО).

In 2014, educational program 5В070900 - Metallurgy passed an institutional (Republican) specialized accreditation for compliance with standards in the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IKAQAE).

In April 2017 the educational program 6M070900 - Metallurgy passed specialized accreditation for compliance with the criteria of specialized accreditation standards in the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

In 2017, to improve the positions of educational programs 5В070900- "Metallurgy" in the national ratings achieved a 2-place in the national rating of the universities of Kazakhstan-2017.

At present, students are studying at the faculty of specialty 5B070900 - Metallurgy, including 127 students on educational grants and 11 students on a commercial basis. In the magistracy specialty 6M070900 - Metallurgy, 3 undergraduates of scientific and pedagogical training (2 years) and 2 bachelor's in the profile, GPIIIR (1.5 years) are being studied.