FOOTBALL Spartakiade devoted to the 60 anniversary of Serikbayev Bolatzhan Ermahanovich – c.t.s., associate professor chair of «Technology of cement, ceramics and glass» March 12 at the stadium "Burevestnik" held a festive tournament among football teams M.Auezov SKSU lovers he dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Serikbayev B.Ye. – c.t.s., associate professor of the chair "Technology of cement, ceramics and glass". The anniversary competition will be attended by four teams of football fans.

  1. Team master students and students
  2. Teacher team and staff
  3. Team of football veterans
  4. The visiting team

We look forward to and welcome all comers and stakeholders. Coordinators Spartakiads:
1. Senior Lecturer Kurbanbaev Mukhtar – 87029734704

2. Department "Technology of cement, ceramics and glass" - 300763