Educational methodical work

Educational and methodical work of the Department

In 2016/17 academic year by the speciality «Biotechnology» 5B070100, 6М070100 and 6D070100 were prepared 68 educational-methodical complexes of disciplines, 68 study programmes and syllabuses, which were discussed at the meetings of the Department of «Biotechnology» and were approved by the methodical Commission of faculty. Educational-methodical complexes of disciplines of specialty 5B070100, 6M070100 and 6D070100 - «Biotechnology» are in the educational portal of the web-site of M. Auezov SKSU, from where students, candidates for a master's degree and doctoral students have the opportunity to take the necessary information for the educational process.

Study programmes correspond to Training programmes developed by lecturers, approved by the Vice-rector responsible for Academic work of SKSU and educational standards, working curriculum and are designed in accordance with the standard. The Study programmes were approved by the Vice-rector responsible for Academic work of SKSU. The protocols of amendments and additions have been made.

According to the plan of the publication of EML for 2016/2017 all publications are designed and published according to QMS SKSU PR 7.03-2012 Study management. Methodical processes and according to QMS SKSU PR 7.04-2012 Training lessons. General requirements for the organization, content and conduct of the lesson. 

Training programmes for all disciplines of state component are in the document cases. The training programs on the disciplines provided by the University Council have been developed and approved.

For the current control of knowledge and skills of students in all disciplines, there are cards and tests in the form of handouts, for final control – tasks and tests, which are given to the test center of the University. All disciplines of the Department are provided with teaching materials at 95-100%. Card of methodical provision are compiled according to standard F. 7.03-02 in all disciplines and is  the part of the EMCD.

The plan of preparation of teaching materials is fulfilled on 100 %

One textbook, 14 study guides, 6 abstract of lectures (2 of them are in English), 12 methodical instructions for practical and laboratory classes (2 of them are in English), MI for the organization of the SIW, MI for the organization and execution of coursework are published.

4 virtual laboratory works (2of them are in English) are published.