Educational methodical work

 Educational and educational-methodical activity of the department

            The educational process at the department "Ecology" is provided with all the necessary educational-methodical and information sources: textbooks, teaching aids, methodological aids, electronic textbooks, case studies, virtual laboratory works and video lectures.

            To achieve students' interest in acquiring knowledge, the search (heuristic) activity of the teacher is carried out, which provides for the generalization and introduction into the educational process of various innovative methods and technologies of instruction. The purpose of these methods is the development of the learner's personal achievements, which are closely related to their level of competence and contribute to the achievement of planned learning outcomes by the time of graduation.

            Teaching and teaching staff of the department developed the following educational and methodical developments for the last 3 years:


• Case on discipline "Management of marketing in ecology" Authors: Ashitova N.Zh.

• Case on the discipline "Biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology" Authors: Utebaev A.A.

• Case on discipline "Organization of environmental audit" Authors: Shingisbaeva Zh.A.

• Case on the discipline "Ecology and sustainable development", Authors. Baybatyarova B.U., Auelova Zh.


            Video lectures in Kazakh, Russian and English:

• In the discipline "Ecology and sustainable development ", Shingisbaeva Zh.A., Ashitova N. Zh. In kazakh and russian;

• In the discipline "Environmental education and worldview", Turebekova G.Z in english.

• In the discipline "Ecology and sustainable development", Author: Ashitova N.Zh.

• "Structure of matter", Authors: Turebekova G.Z., Batsanov A.S. According to the discipline

 "Environmental standards, certificates, licenses"

• "Antioxidants: a study using traditional methods-ORAC, DPPH, TEAC" Authors: Turebekova G.Z., Meziani S. On the discipline "Ecology standard, certificate, license".

• "European Institute of Antioxidants: a study, examination of plant antioxidants" Authors: Turebekova G.Z., Meziani S. on discipline "Ecology standard, certificate, license"

• On the discipline of " Protection of the air basin", Author: Ashitova N.Zh.

• In the discipline of "The Origin and Evolution of the Biosphere" , Author: Ashitova N.Zh.

• On the discipline "Industrial Ecology", Author: Isaeva R.A.

• On the discipline of "Protection of the air basin", Author: Abduova A.A.

• On the discipline of "Environmental education", Author: Utebaev A.A.

• On discipline "Environmental resource management", Authors: Taubaeva A.S.

• On the discipline "Protection and rational use of water resources", the author: Dosbaeva A.M.

• According to the discipline "Ecology and sustainable development", Author: Adyrbekova G.T.

            Virtual laboratory work:

• "Installation of Sireneva for the determination of ammonium nitrogen in soil" in the discipline "Pedology". Authors: Shakirov B.S., Umbetov U., Yugai M.B.

• "Technological scheme of wastewater treatment" in the discipline "Technology of wastewater treatment". Authors: Shakirov B.S., Kaldybaev A.

• "Installation for water clarification on a filter with floating load" in the discipline "Technology of wastewater treatment". Authors: Shakirov B.S., Navesov Sh.A.
Electronic textbook:

• "Ecology and sustainable development", Author: Sikhinbayev A.E., Zhingisbayeva Zh.A., Isaeva R.A., Sataeva L.M.

• "Ecology and natural resources", Author: Shakirov B.S., Isaeva R.A., Zhingisbayeva Zh.S., Sikhinbayeva J.S.

• "Ecology and natural resources". Authors: Shakirov B.S., Isaeva R.A., Zhingizbaeva Zh.A., Sikhinbayeva Zh.S.

• "Efficient use of environmental resources". Authors: Shakirov B.S., Isaeva R.A., Zhingisbayeva Zh.A., Sikhinbayeva JS, Turebekova G.Z.

• "Efficient use of natural resources". Authors: Shakirov BS, Isaeva RA, Zhingisbayeva Zh.A., Sikhinbayeva J.S., Turebekova G.Z.

• " Complex use food industry waste ". Authors: Shakirov B.S., Saparbekova A.A., Dyakonova E.T., Halimova T.A.

• «Industrial ecology» Isaeva R.А.


• "The science about environment". Authors: Sihynbayeva Zh.S., Zhingisbayeva Zh.A., Zholdasbekova N.Sh., Makhanova A., Turebekova G.Z.
• " Ecological aspects of natural resources".Authors: Zhingisbayeva Zh.S., Zholdasbekova K.A.
• "Social ecology and sustainable development".Authors: Zhingisbayeva Zh.S.
• "Pedology". Authors: Sikhynbaeva Zh.S., Ibrayev T.N., Tileuova S.T.
• "Protection, protection and non-waste technologies". Authors: Utebaev A.A.
• "Geoecology" Authors: Dairabaeva A.Zh. Sataeva L.M.
• "Origin and evolution of the biosphere" Authors: Abduova A.A.
• "Introduction to the specialty" Authors: Isabekova N.
• "Economics of the nature management" Authors: Zhingisbayeva Zh.A.

Computer programs:

• Computer program "Ecotrans" (calculation of emissions of vehicles). Authors: Bakhov Zh.K., Pchelka A., Kokishev N.
• The program complex "Calculation of exergy" (energy estimation of industrial wastes). Authors: Bakhov Zh.K., Balabekova M.O., Orymbetova E.М.