Educational methodical work

The educational process is carried out in accordance with the modular educational programs and working curricula for the specialty 5B070900 - "Metallurgy".

Training of specialists is conducted in special disciplines, including compulsory basic, profiling disciplines and at the choice of students, assigned to the State Defense Committee in the specialty.

In all disciplines of the curriculum, there are educational and methodical programs "Syllabus" and educational-methodical complexes, as well as methodological instructions for conducting laboratory and practical work. The provision of profiling and basic disciplines of the specialty with specified methodological developments in Kazakh and Russian languages ​​is 100%. Educational disciplines are also provided with textbooks, teaching aids in Kazakh in Russian.

Teachers of the department in the classroom widely apply various methods of teaching both traditional and innovative technologies. Most of the classes are conducted using problem training, presentations, scientific reports, demonstration and subsequent discussion of training videos; application of specialized software packages (thermodynamic modeling: Astra, Outokumpu HSC5.1, automatic design of Domplaw domain process,designing LD converter process, correlation regression analysis software, Auto Cad design software, electric arc furnace technology optimization program, virtual laboratory work), which presuppose modeling of metallurgical processes, activities (blast furnace production, converter production, electric steelmaking, scientific developments in metallurgy ); organization of intersubject communications; presentations of lectures and laboratory studies,demonstration of a virtual laboratory on an interactive whiteboard (converting copper matte, sintering scheelite with soda and leaching scheelite concentrate, obtaining ferrosilicon grade FS45, studying the processes of secondary treatment of steel and alloys, studying the kinetics of the reduction of metal oxides, etc.).

The department trains students in basic and profiling disciplines: the compulsory component is “Theory of Metallurgical Processes”, “Technology of Metallurgical Processes”, “Heat Power Engineering of Metallurgical Processes”; components for choice - "Introduction to the specialty", "Integrated learning of the subject and language", "Enrichment of minerals", "Planning and setting of scientific research work", "Metallurgy of gold and silver", "Basic equipment of processes of non-ferrous metallurgy", "Technology of forging and stamping metals", "Metallurgy of uranium and thorium", "Metallurgy of alumina and aluminum", "Metallurgy of magnesium and titanium", "Vacuum metallurgy", "Metallurgy of tungsten and molybdenum", "Designing of non-ferrous metallurgy furnaces", "Professionally Oriented Foreign Language "," Metallurgical Materials Science in Non-ferrous Metallurgy "," Integrated Use of Raw Materials in Non-Ferrous Metallurgy "," Designing Metallurgical Works, Enrichment and Preparation of Metallurgical Raw Materials in Non-Ferrous Metallurgy "," Planning and staging of scientific research work»,"Technology and equipment for the production of electric steel", "Metallurgy of ferroalloys based on tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and alkaline earth metals", "Integrated use of metallurgical raw materials in ferrous metallurgy", "Foundry technology", "Metallurgy of semiconductors," Equipment and technology of continuous casting of steel " etc.

Training is conducted in three languages ​​- official language, Russian and English.