Eclucative work

16 November 2018, 11:45 SKSU named after Auezov, faculty Wsheet at the Department of "Biotechnology" in the building "And" 127 audience proshol galaconcert the faculty on the topic of "Yenbek hadn Rouhani air»

In 2018, on November 7 at 16: 00, the spiritual revival of youth, the purpose of projects based on the education of youth cultures, in the Kazakh drama theater named after J. Shanin, 50 students of the Department of "Biotechnology" were involved in the play called " Zhengey"

17 November 2018 in the cinema Kazakhstan from the Department of "Biotechnology" in the event took part in the forum on "International Assembly" and "Spiritual harmony-the key to unity and stability" more than 50 first-year students: HT-18-5k1, HT-18-5k4, HT-18-5R, HT-18-5T