Eclucative work

Educational work

1) Educational work among students is carried out according to the plan of the educational work of the department and the work plan of the curators. The curators of the groups monitor the current, intermediate performance of students. The results of the control weeks are discussed at group meetings and at the meetings of the department.

The curators of the groups regularly visit the hostel number 6, are interested in the leisure of students, their everyday problems, helping them to solve them as far as possible; meet with teachers who teach in these groups, to resolve complaints or students' wishes.

2) During the academic year, the curatorial hours are spent discussing the legal and regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Academic groups discuss the appeals of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan aimed at improving the quality of education and training highly qualified specialists that meet international standards.

3) There are talks about a healthy way of life, about offenses, about the dangers of the influence of various religions. Moral and international education is the most important, integral part of the upbringing of the younger generation. In this regard, the curatorial hours focus on the development of an active life position, the ethics of students' behavior in the team, the interethnic relations in Kazakhstan, the culture of the people of Kazakhstan, the traditions of the Kazakh people.

Conducting a round table on the theme «Дінибілім – тәрбиебастауы».

4) Organization and holding of meetings and curatorial hours in anticipation of the 72nd anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. Participation in the Olympics of students under the program "Presidential tests".Participation in the Republican subject Olympiad among students of the specialty 5В070900 -Metallurgy.

5) Clarification and discussion of the strategic program "Strategy" Kazakhstan 2050 ", the annual Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan, the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan" On Education ".

6) Organization and conduct of subbotniks on the improvement and cleaning of the territory of the University "My Clean University" according to the schedule of academic groups.