Дуальное образование

Dual education

At the department "Metallurgy" for the first time in the educational process the dual form of education in the direction of preparation of the bachelor degree 5В070900- "Metallurgy" with the base enterprise of "Ferrumvtor" LLP, with the validity period from 01.07.2014 to 01.07.2019 was realized.

The dual system of training is an innovative type of organization of targeted vocational training, which involves coordinating the interaction between the educational and production spheres in training specialists.Training is carried out on the principle of equilibrium theory and practice, i.e. Half the study time the student is enrolled in the university, and the other half of the study time in the enterprise. The introduction of the dual form of training allows solving the main problem in training a specialist - the gap between theory (university) and practice (production).

In 2016-2017 academic years the experimental training on the dual form in "Ferrumvtor" LLP was continued. Formed 1 academic group from the number of students in the third year of grade ChT-15-2dk a total of 8 people. Taking into account the experience of functioning of the dual form of training, it was proposed to change the initial plan of the educational process from the new academic year. Starting from the next academic year, to ensure harmonious professional growth, "Ferrumvtor" offered 3 days week training in the university, and 3 days in the enterprise.In addition, we offered to work at the plant in accordance with the plan of the educational process at the 3rd year of the fall semester. In this case, students will come to the plant more mature, responsible and ready to get acquainted with complex and dangerous technology. These proposals of the employer are taken into account, coordinated and appropriate changes are made to the curriculum and the schedule of the educational process.

The enterprise provides a comfortable room with a video projector and office equipment for conducting classes in the building of the plant management.

During the work, students are engaged in one of the most important stages of technology - the sorting of scrap. Remuneration of labor - piece-rate. The plant took upon itself the obligation of medical insurance for students. The factory has inexpensive hot meals.