The dual training

     The decision of the academic сouncil of M. Auezov SKSU (30.06.2015 years, protocol No.13) in accordance with the Strategic plan of University development for 2015-2020, the Department of education, an innovative "System of dual training with enterprises and teams of undergraduate" practice, the first time the decision to implement an educational program for 5В075300 – "Chemical technology of infusible nonmetallic and silicate materials" for students of specialty" introduced the dual system of education in the 2015-2016 academic year.

As a partner for dual education system of students were selected modern cement plant LLP "Standard Cement".

In the 2015-2016 academic year on the basis of LLP "Standard Cement" for the dual education system studied group XT-13-7дк1, XT-13-7дк2 (3rd year) on disciplines: "workshop as a working profession" and "Chemical technology of binders". In the 2016-2017 academic year for these groups (4 course), we held classes on disciplines: “Technology of special binders”, “Equipment for plants and design principles and industrial practice”.

For the purpose of training in the production of the dual education system has developed rules and regulations, as well with the parents of the students of group XT-13-7дк1, XT-13-7дк2 was held and explanations were obtained parental consent for the dual training of their children - students. Students before training in the dual system in the production of lectures were conducted on safety and rules of conduct at the factory.

According to the signed contract between M. Auezov SKSU and LLP "Standard Cement", at the plant there is a training scientifically-produced complex of the chair "Technology of cement, ceramics and glass". Educational scientific production complex is equipped with classrooms for training. A study prepared specifically for students in the complex, to provide conditions for training. Also on the basis of laboratory are laboratory classes students. During practical training at a cement plant LLP "Standard Cement" students have the opportunity to become familiar with modern technology, manufacturing equipment and raw materials for the preparation of and writing reports on the practice and acquisition of skills, knowledge and abilities.