Domestic partners, practical training bases, training scientific industrial complexes

In the specialty "5В060800 - Ecology" in the academic year 2017/2018, 3   types of students' practice are planned:
1) training practice
2) І and ІІ production practice
3) pre-diploma practice
The figure shows the bases of practice on the specialty 5В060800-"Ecology"

Practice in the specialty " 5B060800-Ecology»


On chair in existence there are contracts with the following base of practice:

1. The Department of ecology.,

2. Regional laboratory of structural and biochemical materials of SKSU. Auezov,

3.LLP "Kazniihimproekt»,

4.LLP "PetroKazakhstan oil products»,

5.LLP "Water resources - Marketing»,

6.JSC"Energoortalyk - 3",

7.LLP "Bal Tekstil»,

8."Shymkent state arboretum»,

9. "Shymkent state zoo»,

10.Faceshield LLP "Kazphosphate" Taraz,


12.Research Institute "Problems of agriculture and Water resources»,

13.LLP "KazNIIEK" Schuchinsk,


15.Territorial inspection of forestry and hunting economy of SKR,

16. DEP.prirodn.resource and regulation.environmental management of SKR

17. Too SHR " Spetstorgsnab»,

18. Research Institute "Microbiology and biotechnology»,



In this academic year, in accordance with the work curriculum, schedule of educational process specialty "5B060800-Ecology" 4th year students gr. HT-12-4k1,2,4 R, 4A of 25 students with 23.01.17 for 31.03.17 passed internship on the orders of the above bases.

The practice in these organizations was organized at the proper level.

As a result of internship students were acquainted with the departments of the organization and their work. In the process of practice, students collected sufficient material on the content of the thesis.

Students organized passed safety procedures, issued passes, and then according to the program of practice and the topics of the thesis were practiced at the treatment plants of enterprises. During the practice, the students collected the appropriate material for the thesis. At the end of the practice reports were issued and protected before the Commission of the Department in time.

Thus the pre-diploma practice was organized and carried out at a good level.

Practice for all the courses and databases have been organized and conducted in accordance with the programme practices on time and at a sufficient professional level. The results of the practice are considered satisfactory and we propose to expand the geography of the practice bases of the specialty.




Unpk bases of the Department are " the law firm JSC "NTCP" MES RK" and LLC SMU "Kazphosphate". At the beginning of the year, the working programs of the following disciplines "biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology", "environmental Monitoring", "Rational use of natural resources" were agreed with the UNODC bases»

Together with the leading experts of unpc, a lecture course on the subject "Fundamentals of industrial ecology"was developed.

The working curricula and programs on the read disciplines were adjusted. In April, a month between SKSU M. Auezov and the law firm JSC "NTCP" MES RK signed an agreement on the training of graduates of the Department "Ecology" for the acquisition of specialty working on entitled "accounting, storage, transport and use of precursors". A timetable was drawn up for classes with students. 8 students studied in the specialty "5B060800-Ecology". At the end of training were given certificates of the State sample.

Appendix – List of Training-scientific and production complexes of the Study program Ecology (Ba)

 South branch of JSC “National Scientific and Technical Center for Industrial Safety” of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent – Center for carrying out expert examination in the field of industrial safety, retraining and advanced training of specialists in the field of industrial safety and development of preliminary and national standards.

Plant of mineral fertilizers LLP “Kazphosphate”, Taraz – Industrial enterprise for phosphorus and mineral fertilizer processing