Chair history

      Chair "Technologies of cement, ceramics and glass" as a structural unit of SKSU M.Auezov of the formation and to this day is the only one in the Republic of Kazakhstan, provides training for silicate and construction industries.

Chair history begins in June 1943, since the opening in Shymkent Institute of building materials, which began operations having only a part of the faculty "Technology of silicates". The founders of the chair were present 3 specialized departments, who played in the difficult post-war decades a crucial role in training for industrial silicate materials. These chairs have been deliberately created in ceramics technology, cement and glass.

The chair "Chemical technology of ceramics and refractories" was founded in 1946. Chair of the formation was headed V.E.Slivko, A.A.Balakirev, M.I.Mirkin, N.G.Ruhlin, I.A.Groshev. The chair "Chemical technology of binding materials" was opened in 1949 and headed by M.P. Sytin, I.G. Luginin, K.K.Karibaev, S.V.Terehovich, B.T.Taymasov. The department "Chemical technology of glass and glass-ceramic materials" was organized in 1955 and was headed S.T.Suleymenov, T.A.Abduvaliev.

During the functioning of chairs of the foundations of the educational process were laid, research and educational-methodological works. One of the significant achievements in their work was the creation of the Kazakh scientific schools for construction ceramics prof. A.A.Balakireva, prof. I.G.Luginina for high-temperature processes, prof. K.K.Karibaev for surfactants and academician S.T. Suleymenov on the glass-ceramics technologies.

In 1995on the basis of the above three chairs was organized the chair "Technology of silicates and synthesis of minerals", now "Technologies of cement, ceramics and glass". The first head of the chair was B.O.Esimov – doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science, technology and education (1995-2010), M.Zh.Aytureev – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor (2011-2012), Zh.T.Suleymenov - prof. (2012-2013), A.Zh.Alzhanova - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor (2014-2016), from September of 2016 - head of the chairt is M.Zh.Aytureev - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

Since 1943, cement, asbestos cement, brick, glass and other plants of the chair has trained about 5000 specialists, many of which have become the main and leading experts, managers and organizers of production, prominent scientists, ministers, akims of regions, public figures, deputies of the Majilis, rectors and directors of research institutes. Among the graduates of more than 30 doctors, 120 candidates of sciences and 10 Honored: S.T.Suleymenov, Zh.E.Endybaev, B.I.Nudelman, Zh.T.Suleymenov, S.Zh.Saybulatov, B.P.Parimbetov, I.S.Ahmetov, S.K.Kozhamuratov, S.G.Tambetov, Z.K.Turysbekov, T.U.Iskakov, N.A.Abetaev, V.K.Klassen, V.D.Barbanyagre C .V.Terehovich, V.F.Verner, D.A.Aldiyarov, B.I.Ahmetov, K.K.Kulekeev, Z.S.Amirhanov, N.T.Musabekov, O.A.Miryuk, B.M. Borkoev, A.V.Yachevsky, M.S.Naumaganbetov, O.S.Kudaybergenov, E.I.Kystaubaev and others.