"Академик" футбол клубының ардагерлерінеске алу турниры

On November 19, 2017 in sport center of the university the tournament devoted to veterans of football club "Akademik" has been held. "Academician" has been organized in 1979 by group of teachers of construction faculty of KazCTI. For these years players "Académic" was changed, but those who came to club kept love to soccer. There were in structure also losses. And here in the memory of left the five-a-side tournament in which two "Académic" teams - veterans and youth structure and also guests of a tournament – the Shymkala and Nauryz team have participated has been held. Fight has turned out persistent. And as a result, three teams have scored identical quantity of points. And the winner and the team which has taken the third place were divided by a difference in one passed ball. As a result the winner has recognized the Shymkala team. "Academician" - youth structure has taken the third place. All prize-winners of a tournament and also the best players on the nominations have been awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

Actions - professor Altynbekov F.E. have ended with the funeral lunch given in memory of veterans Académica., Muratalin N.K. associate professors., Kirilina V.M., Dausheeva Zh.K., senior teachers of Makhmudov E.R., Taukeev B.P., to Us V.V., Tokmuratova A.M.