Академическая мобильность

Academic mobility

An important factor in the quality of the educational program is academic mobility, which provides for the study of a number of disciplines by the students of a curriculum, the passage of practices and internships abroad.

Student of the department "Metallurgy", gr. ХТ-14-2к1 - KamalbekDinmukhamed successfully passed the stages of passing tests in a foreign language, was invited to study in Lithuania. In the period from 28/01/2017 to 02/07/2017.was trained in external academic mobility at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

From March 27 to March 31, 2017, the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science was visited by Nikolai Nikolayevich Zobnin, Ph.D. tech. Sci., leading specialist of the South Kazakhstan State University. M. Auezov in the field of metallurgy (Republic of Kazakhstan).

N.N.Zobnin conducted master classes in mathematical modeling, public lectures, as well as a number of meetings with leading scientists, students, graduate students and young scientists. In the course of meetings with the director of the Center for International Relations, VN Baranov, Professor PV Polyakov, Professor AF Shimansky, Professor BP Kulikov, the problems and prospects for the development of the metallurgical industry in the world were discussed.

Zobnin NN with the director of the Institute of Information Technologies and Automation Baranov VN