Күнтізбе белсенділігі

09 February 2018

International cooperation

Traditionally, the Department of Oil Refining and Petrochemicals annually conducts the Summer School of Petroleum Engineering in June with the involvement of foreign professors. The students of the school, as a rule, are undergraduate students of Russian universities.

PhD programme, master’s programme

In the academic year 2017-2018, 16 master students for the specialty 6M02100 -Chemical technologiesfor organic substances, 35 undergraduates for the specialty 6M073900 - "Petrochemistry", 5 doctoral students for the specialty 6D07100 - were accepted for the profile direction. Certification of undergraduates in the profile direction was held on 27.12.2017.

Research work, student research work

The teaching and research work is subordinated to the main task-to ensure close relations with the industrial enterprises of the oil and gas industry, the branch science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The department has created all the necessary conditions for carrying out fundamental, applied, research, development, as well as for innovation. Priority topics of scientific research are of an innovative focus and are devoted to research in the field of oil refining and petrochemistry. At the department, work is carried out on 5 FNRI themes and 1 work on the PCF:

International Scientific and Practical Conference "Coaching in Education: From Reform to Evolution"

5 February 2018 on the basis of the M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University hosted the international scientific and practical conference "Coaching in Education: From Reform to Evolution", in which the lecturers of the Department of "Technologies of Cement, Ceramics and Glass" of the Higher School of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology took part: Ph.D., Associate Professor Kolesnikov A.S, doctor PhD, senior lecturer Zhakipbayev B.Ye., master degree, teacher Tagibaev A.B., master degree, teacher Kulmakhanova A.Sh., master degree, teacher Kalybaeva M.I., doctoral PhD Zhanikulov N.N. The participants received certificates at the end of the conference.