Күнтізбе белсенділігі

14 December 2017

Merits and achievements

The southern region of Kazakhstan is a highly concentrated industrial zone. The development of chemistry and the chemical industry influences the development of all branches of the economy, the acceleration of general scientific and technological progress. The chemical industry and its achievements contribute to the prosperity of the economy and culture of our sovereign nation, the welfare of the people.

General information

For conducting educational process the department has very well developed technical base of educational and methodical materials. Chemical research laboratories "General chemistry", "Inorganic chemistry", "Organic chemistry", "Analytical chemistry", "Colloid chemistry", "Physical chemistry", "Technological processes and devices" and "General chemical technology" are organized at the department. All disciplines are taught in Kazakh, Russian and English.

History of the chair

History of the department

1949 the established general education department "Chemistry" and in September 2010 the department "Nanotechnology" created on the basis of the department "technology of electrochemical production", during the reorganization of the structure of the departments of the University in July 2014 were merged as the department "Chemistry". Pedagogical and scientific work of the department attracted famous scientists of the time.

Eclucative work

16 November 2018, 11:45 SKSU named after Auezov, faculty Wsheet at the Department of "Biotechnology" in the building "And" 127 audience proshol galaconcert the faculty on the topic of "Yenbek hadn Rouhani air»




Master of Biotechnology, senior lecturer of the department «Biotechnology» of the higher school «Chemical engineering and Biotechnology» Ospanova A.A. will hold the open laboratory classes on the discipline «Objects of biotechnology». All interested are invited to attend laboratory classes!

Theme: The methods of sterilization of vegetative explants.

Date: March 07, 2019.

Auditorium: 122 A

Time: 10:40

Groups: CHT-18-5k2




Академическая мобильность

Academic mobility

On the academic mobility of students and teaching staff of the department "Biotechnology"

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the following students of the department were sent for the included training under the academic mobility program:

1. Altekey A. - student of the group ChT-14-5a, Agricultural University named after HugonKollantai (Poland, Krakow).

2. Khusanova U. - student of the group ChT-14-5a, Agricultural University named after HugonKollantai (Poland, Krakow).