Күнтізбе белсенділігі

13 December 2017

Merits and achievements

Associate Professor of "Biotechnology" A. M. Esimova, Tasybaeva S. B. "the Best teachers of the University, 2016»

During the reporting period, the following results were obtained at the Department of Biotechnology: Assistant professors A. M. Esimova, Tasybaeva S. B. received the title best teacher of high school, 2016. M. A. Yessimov received the title in the nomination "Best associate Professor of the University" in 2016


Open lesson Ph. D., senior lecturer of the Department "Biotechnology" Nadirov Zh. K.

27.11.2017 g at 10.40 in the audience And proslo 117 open session Ph. D., Professor of the Department "Biotechnology" by J. K. Gunay Nadirova in groups HT-14-5р1, P2 on the subject "Environmental biotechnology" on the topic "the Use of microorganisms –destructors of hydrocarbons for purification of wastewater oil refineries and soils polluted with oil»

General information

Structure and educational – industrial base of the department

Department «Biotechnology» was established in 2003 in the Agro-industrial faculty.  In september of 2011 it joined to the Chemical-technological faculty. Since In september of 2014 the faculty has been reorganized into the Higher school «Chemical engineering and biotechnology»

History of the chair

Historical information about the company and prospects of development of the organization

According to the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 1993 a new specialty "Biotechnology" was opened at the Kazakh Chemical Technology Institute and in 1993 the first group of entrants for training in the state and russian languages ​​was recruited for this specialty.

Youths have a great future today

On November 28, 2017 at 10.30 o'clock in the assembly hall there has taken place the traditional Open Day devoted to specialty "Chemical Technology of Organic Substances" which is held the 6th year in a row by “Petroleum processing and petrochemistry” department. The program is an innovative event for school students therefore we thank directors of schools №72, 77, 88 and school students for their active participation...

Eclucative work

February 20, 2019 in the assembly hall of the main building of the SKSU named after M. Auezov was held the event "Closing of the II Regional Mendeleev Olympiad" and "Open Doors Day", organized by the departments "Chemistry and fundamentals of chemical technology", "Chemical technology of inorganic substances", "Oil refining and petrochemistry". This event was attended by graduates of schools of the Turkestan region.

PhD programme, master’s programme

The sphere of professional activity in the specialty 6M060800- ecology is production, management, research and education, environmental monitoring service, quality control of the natural environment and human health. is an area of ​​education

The objects of professional activity of graduates are the organization of environmental education of all types and types, regardless of ownership and subordination, authorities and management of the RK subjects, municipalities.

Eclucative work


November7, 2017 in the assembly hall of the the main buildingof SKSU named after M.Auezov with the participation of the municipal government institution "Youth Resource Center" of the Department of Internal Policy of Shymkent and student youth, a meeting was held to prevent religious extremism and terrorism.

"Man's chanting of works "

Domestic partners, practical training bases, training scientific industrial complexes

In the specialty "5В060800 - Ecology" in the academic year 2017/2018, 3   types of students' practice are planned:
1) training practice
2) І and ІІ production practice
3) pre-diploma practice
The figure shows the bases of practice on the specialty 5В060800-"Ecology"

Practice in the specialty " 5B060800-Ecology»


On chair in existence there are contracts with the following base of practice:

"Open Doors Day"

On November 21, 2017 an "Open Doors Day" event was held, organized by the Departments "Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances" and "Chemistry and Chemical Technology". The event was attended by graduates of 30 city schools of 11 classes who chose the subject "Chemistry"...