Күнтізбе белсенділігі

12 December 2017

International cooperation

    Teachers of the department "Ecology" Satayeva L.M, Taubayeva A.S in the 26.05.-04.06.2018 period passed and 11.06.-25.06.2018 period passed Issayeva R.A., Shingisbayeva Zh.A., Dosbayeva A.M.  a scientific internship at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Beijing, China).

Академическая мобильность

Академическая мобильность

    Kamilla Makhanova is a second-year graduate student of South Kazakhstan state University named after M. Auezov, higher school “Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology” specialty 6M060800-Ecology was trained in the framework of the academic mobility program at the agricultural University of Krakow (Poland) in the period from October 1, 2018 to January 10, 2019.

Educational methodical work

 Educational and educational-methodical activity of the department

            The educational process at the department "Ecology" is provided with all the necessary educational-methodical and information sources: textbooks, teaching aids, methodological aids, electronic textbooks, case studies, virtual laboratory works and video lectures.

Merits and achievements

     Scientists of Kazakhstan made a world scientific discovery - they could split one of the most durable metals with chemical methods - titanium. The discovery of the insoluble titanium at room temperature of various parts of titanium - industrial waste to obtain the desired titanium compounds. The authors of the work were awarded medals and diplomas. These are professors, associate professors and doctors of science - Abduali Baeshov, Azhar Baeshova, Gani Iztleuov. Their supervisor was Murat Zhurinov. It took the experts more than ten years to research.


     On May 20, 2019 a round table on the topic "Knowledge is the one who competes thousands of students" was held among students and graduates of "Ecology" department. During the round table, the dean of the high school, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Bolysbek Aidar, the head of the department of ecology Chingizbaeva Zh.,  ecological engineer Thermal Power Plant Talgат Kaldygozov, officers Sairam Ugamskaya National Park, docent GM Iztleuov made a speech.