11.10.2018  at 1250 in lab room of 305 «A» senior teacher Abdulova E.N. spends open lesson in the discipline «General chemistry». Theme lab «Analytic determination of medium pH and the conditions of thesolts hudrolysis»

Ruhani Jangyry

    On third September, 2018 in audience 127 A at 15.00 o'clock the dean of the Higher school "Chemical engineering and biotechnology" Bolysbek Aydarbek Alibekovich gave a lecture on the subject "RuhaniJangyry"

Летняя школа «Нефтяной инжиниринг»

During the period from June 04 to June 15, 2018 at the  M. Auezov Southern Kazakhstan State University, on the basis of “Petroleum Processing and Petrochemistry” department the summer school "Oil Engineering" has been organized. Students, undergraduates, teachers of higher education institutions and employees of the industrial enterprises were students of summer school...

Рassed a scientific internship at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Beijing, China).

      Teachers of the department "Ecology" Satayeva L.M, Taubayeva A.S in the 26.05.2018-04.06.2018 period passed a scientific internship at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Beijing, China). During the scientific internship the teachers got acquainted with the university, visited the classes, undergraduate's research laboratories, got acquainted with the basic cleaning methods and cleaning equipment for the natural surface water treatment of China.


Representatives of the Department «Technology of cement, ceramics and glass» at the 4th international building and interior exhibition "ShymkentBuild-2018»

From 13 to 15 March 2018у. in Shymkent in KSU «Exhibition center» held the main and only professional international exhibition in the field of building and finishing materials, window technology, ceramics, stone, various industrial equipment and HVAC sector...

"Asyl ANA"

March 5, 2018 at the Department "Technology of cement, ceramics and glass" was held an open curatorial hour on the theme of "Asyl Ana" is dedicated to the international women's day March 8, group ChT-15-7k under the guidance of the curator Estauova A. A. and the senior curator of the chair Kulmakhanova A. Sh., visited Deputy Dean of the higher school " Chemical engineering and biotechnology " Bayisbai O. P., head of the Department Autoreyev M. Zh. and teachers of the Department.